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Excel password recovery software recommendations

All the packages reviewed in this site are of high quality. We havenít tried to list everything on the market, but have only shortlisted the very best Excel password recovery software that we have tested ourselves.

Ultimate Zip Cracker stands out as the best all round value for money software, but you should purchase the package that you are most comfortable with that meets your specific password recovery need. We recommend that you download the trial version of the software that meets your needs and try it out to make sure that you are happy with your choice prior to purchase.

Ultimate Zip Cracker

Ultimate Zip Cracker screenshot / link to purchase

Ultimate Zip Cracker from VDGSoftware restores lost ZIP, ARJ, Word and Excel password. It is priced at just $45.

Ultimate Zip Cracker runs on Windows 95/98, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.X, Windows XP and Windows 2000. The trial version of Ultimate ZIP Cracker will retrieve your password for free, for up to 5 character-length). For longer passwords, you will need to buy the full version.

The WinZip/PKZip recovery mode supports standard zip encryption, but not the new AES encryption available in WinZip 9.

The program is highly optimised for speed and supports the following search methods:

  • Password Wizard provides easy step-by-step password recovery.
  • Brute Force Attack will test all possible passwords.
  • Smart Search will test all 'pronounceable' passwords.
  • Dictionary Search can use the build-in or external dictionary.
  • Date search will apply different date formats to a given date range.
  • Customised search will use your own search template.
  • Guaranteed decryption method will decrypt your .DOC or .XLS file regardless of password used.
  • Plaintext attack will decrypt your whole encrypted .ZIP file if you have another unencrypted Zip file (called plaintext file) which contains at least one file from the encrypted archive.
  • The trial version of Ultimate Zip Cracker will reveal your password free of charge (for up to 5 characters in length). For all passwords greater than 5 characters you will need to purchase the full version.

Download free trial version of Ultimate Zip Cracker

Check current price / download full version of Ultimate Zip Cracker now

Advanced Office Password Breaker (AOPB)

Advanced Office Password Breaker screenshot / link to purchase

Advanced Office Password Breaker (AOPB) is a program to decrypt Word and Excel 97/2000 files that have file open protection set, as well as Word and Excel XP files with default (Office 97/2000 compatible) encryption. The password length and complexity is not a problem. This is made possible by trying all possible encryption keys (instead of brute-force and dictionary attacks) and on average takes only about two weeks on single Pentium III/1000 PC (or just four-five days on faster dual-CPU systems).

AOPB supports English runs on the following operating systems: Windows 95 / Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows XP, WinNT 4.x, and Windows 2000. The free demo is 589 Kb and the full version costs $79.

However, this program does not work with files created in Word/Excel 95 or older, Word/Excel XP with new CSP protection (also known as advanced encryption), or for passwords other than file open passwords. With these files, Advanced Office XP Password Recovery has to be used.

Download free trial version of Advanced Office Password Breaker

Check current price / download full version of Advanced Office Password Breaker now

Advanced VBA Password Recovery Pro

Advanced VBA Password Recovery Pro screenshot / link to purchase

Advanced VBA Password Recovery (AVPR) can recover password protected VBA modules for Word 97/2000/XP, Excel 97/2000/XP, Outlook 2000/XP, Project 98/2000, PowerPoint 97 and Visio 4/5.

Using Advanced VBA Password Recovery, you can recover lost or forgotten passwords to Word and Excel macros. The password recovery engine can recover any password instantly in documents created in Office through version 97. For Office 2000/XP documents, a different protection method was used and the original password is not recoverable; fortunately there is an alternative way: you can reset a password to a known one, so you can get access instantly. This software also works with .XLA files.

This software is simple to use and stable, and there are free upgrades for registered users. We recommend AVPR to anyone who needs a powerful VBA password recovery package. If you need to recover different password types, Ultimate Zip Cracker (which can recover Word and Excel 97 and remove Office 2000 VBA passwords), is the right choice. But if you need to only recover or reset VBA passwords, then AVPR is highly recommended.

Download trial version of Advanced VBA Password Recovery software

Check current price / download full version of Advanced VBA Password Recovery Pro now

Free Word/Excel Password Recovery Wizard

Free Word Excel Password Recovery Wizard screenshot / link to site

We recommend this to users who need to open a password protected Word or Excel file that has a simple file open password and who donít want to spend money on software.

This package is free, and provides similar dictionary and brute force search functions to commercial software. A number of users have found it meets their needs and it is particularly user friendly.

Since this software uses the .NET framework, you will need to have this on your system, or download the (rather large) framework files from the site. This package runs on Windows 98 and later operating systems.

Download FREE copy of Free Word Excel Password Recovery Wizard


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