Excel Password Recovery Software

Lost your Excel password?

This site offers free information on Excel passwords and independent reviews of leading Excel password recovery software.

An Excel password is usually assigned to an Excel spreadsheet to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data. The password is stored inside the document itself in an encrypted form, making both the password and the document confidential. But the time may come when you have to recover the password.

Just think of these situations:

  • When the person who had set the password has forgotten it;
  • When the person who knows the password has moved to a new place and is not reachable;

Getting back into your password protected file

In these situations, you need to recover the password, or open the document. There are a number of software tools and services available on the Internet that purport to recover your password, or open your password protected Excel spreadsheet.

Before investing in Excel password recovery software, it is useful to understand the Microsoft Excel security model, the different types of Excel passwords and the recovery methods available. Whilst we have no software of our own to sell, this site contains detailed information on Excel password recovery to help you make an informed purchase decision.

Excel password recovery tools have been around since early 1998. Most early Excel password recovery software tried to guess passwords, which was often unsuccessful, particularly with long or complex passwords. Some current software offers more effective recovery approaches such as key recovery, but it is often difficult to evaluate vendor claims. We are not a software vendor, so can offer independent advice. We've extensively tested the packages that we recommend against real world customer files.

Alternatively, if you don't want to buy software and need a quick result on an Excel file that you can't open, Decrytum can open most file open password protected Microsoft Word and Excel documents for Windows or Macintosh computers in just 3 minutes for only $39.


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